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Event Ops

Over time I’ve had the opportunity to participate in events in positions ranging from artist liaison and head of audio through to event co-ordinator and venue manager. Below are some of the events I’ve worked on recently.

Permanent Installs

Currently, there are multiple permanent install PA systems being used in Wollongong venues which I have personally designed and built. Below are examples of these systems.

NYD Courtyard Party @ Mr Crown

Day of Dance Garden Party @ UOW Unibar

During this full day event at UOW Unibar, I assisted with the setup of the PA system, DJ equipment, and lighting system. Throughout the event, I was the main event co-ordinator ensuring that we delivered a safe, high quality event while making sure that everyone involved worked together as a team and were all happy. I also was acting as the artist liaison (co-ordinating artists including The Aston Shuffle, Pan Pot, and Made In Paris).

Roles: Event Co-ordinator, Artist Liaison, Setup Crew
Location: UOW Unibar
Date: 22nd February, 2020

NYD Courtyard Party @ Mr Crown

New Years Day of Dance @ Mr Crown

What a way to kick off the new year! Catering for artists including Green Velvet (USA), Rebuke (IRL), and Cassian (AUS) was incredible. During this event, I was head of audio from start to finish. I was part of a three man tech team and was tasked with designing the PA system as well as the staging. On the day, I led the setup of all sound & staging, assisted in the setup of the lighting and vision systems, operated audio, and acted as the artist liaison for the biggest names on the bill.

Roles: Head of Audio, Artist Liaison
Location: Mr Crown Courtyard
Date: 1st January, 2020

NYD Courtyard Party @ Mr Crown

Boxing Day Party @ Mr Crown

This job has allowed me to work with so many amazing artists. During this event, I had the pleasure of operating sound for some big names including Riton (UK) and Amine Edge & Dance (FRA). Teaming up with DJM Creative, we pulled off the entire event with just two people for setup, ops, and bump out. I spent the day on audio whilst also co-ordinating with the different artists to ensure the show ran smoothly.

Roles: Head of Audio, Artist Liaison, Setup Crew
Location: Mr Crown Courtyard
Date: 26th December, 2019

NYD Courtyard Party @ Mr Crown

TEDx UWollongong

Hosting speakers including UOW academics and research students. this event was jam packed with info covering topics including atmospheric chemistry, post-minimalist music, and human geography. Throughout this event, I assisted with setup and audio techinician duties.

Roles: Audio Technician
Location: University of Wollongong
Date: 29th September, 2018

CLUB234 Opening Night @ The Grand Hotel

Event Co-ordinator @ The Grand Hotel

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in a role that allows me to experience every aspect of throwing large scale club events (1100pax) in a venue with three different dancefloors catering to a wide range of music tastes from Commercial and Top 40, to RnB and Hip Hop, to House and Techno. Throughout my time here, I have been the driving force behind events where we host big Australian artists such as Luude, Ninajirachi, Nina Las Vegas, and many more.

Each event requires me to organise all staff from hospitality and security, through to event photographers and supporting DJs. I’m also the one who ensures that all PA systems and DJ gear are correctly functioning.

Roles: Event Co-ordinator, Audio Technician, Venue Manager
Location: The Grand Hotel/Club234
Date: January 2019 – Present

CLUB234 Opening Night @ The Grand Hotel

TUSK Nightclub – Audio Install

TUSK Nightclub is a venue renowned for hosting parties with some of the biggest names in House and Techno. As such, a high quality PA system is one of the most important elements when planning such events. 

CLUB234 Opening Night @ The Grand Hotel

The Harp Hotel – Audio Install

Looking for a cost effective redesign for the PA system in their RnB room, I was tasked with finding a solution that both delivered on sound quality, as well as price. The end result was a system that easily delivered on the bass heavy demands of RnB and Hip Hop with a room full of people, delivering clear and punchy audio while also keeping cost down to a minimum.

CLUB234 Opening Night @ The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel/Club234 – Audio Install

After spending some time working as the venue manager at The Grand Hotel, it was evident to me that the PA system in our main room wasn’t quite up to the task of delivering the kind of audio quality one would expect when hearing your favourite artists perform. The goal for this system was to have full, high quality audio, while also staying within a budget.

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